Now don't get worry about your Electronic Waste,
M/s S. E. P. is on your door to provide Techno-Legal Service for E- Waste.

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S. E. P. : Shukla E – Waste Processor

Our Other Organization (i.e. M/s ENVIRO LAB, M/s GLOBAL CALIBRATION & TEST LAB AND M/s W. W. CONSULTANT) is already providing services in field of Pollution Control Consultancy from last 20 years. We have full flagged I.S.O. 9001:2008, I.S.O. 14001:2004, NABL and RPCB Certified Lab. We providing services in the field of testing all type of water/ Air / Sound pollution according to the limit prescribed by Central & State Pollution Boards. Now we have ventured into e-waste in the name of M/s Shukla E-Waste Processor.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Recycling is the only way of hazardous waste disposal in a safe and secure manner. And it is possible to recycle e-waste in a hassle free manner. Recycled products or produce can be used again and again. Hazardous waste disposal will, in the long run, bring down cost of commodities.

We as a leading pollution control consultant suggest ways to handle and manage harmful e-waste. We come into picture when the waste produce is ready for disposal. We are called to take care of the e-waste and plan hazardous waste disposal in the best possible manner. Our recycling units are able to do this job better than others.

Ministry of Environment and Forest has made it clear that producers will be held responsible for e-waste management. Waste producers neither have knowledge nor facility for hazardous waste disposal. They rely on us for help and we being a leading recycling company provide real help from collecting e-waste to making it useful again.

E waste recycling has made hazardous waste disposal possible. In absence of recycling, e-waste will eat out greenery, pollute clean drinking water and dissolve toxic elements in the environment. But recycling has changed the way waste producers used to dispose of e-waste.

    India gets first e-waste management rules - Putting the onus ...
    Few of our Recents Clients - 1. Tatabluescope Steel 2. Bestex MM India 3. Sakata Inxx 4. Federal Mogul
    5. Cachet Pharmaceuticals - 6. Indo Alusys 7. Caparo Fastners 8. Havells 9. P & G 10.Cords Cable 11. VCSIL & many more....
    Other Hazardous Waste Disposal. - M/s S. E. P. is also providing disposal facilities for:- 1. E-Waste 2. Batteries
    3. Oily Gloves & Contaminated Clothes. - 4. Bio-Medical Waste. 5. Used Oil. 6. Paint Sludge.