Now don't get worry about your Electronic Waste,
M/s S. E. P. is on your door to provide Techno-Legal Service for E- Waste.

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Benefits of Recycling

  • Utilizing your E-Waste Legally.
  • Regaining of valuable space which was earlier occupied by the e-waste.
  • Hassle free disposal of e-waste & sensitive data.
  • Contribution to environment & society by reducing the impact of e-waste.
  • Reducing direct land filling by recycling of e-waste.
  • Reporting to MOEF got easy by recycling.
  • Reuse & Recycling is the best practice to dispose of e-waste.
  • Saving money even from your electronic waste.
  • Providing technology in every bodies life even in those people who always think’s of purchasing it.

E Waste Recycling

Recycling is the only hope from the problem of hazardous e-waste generated with dismantling of electronic and electric equipment. E waste recycling makes waste products useful again. It prevents degrading waste products from releasing toxic elements into the environment.

Recycled products are as useful as new products are. There are two advantages of recycling. First advantage is it prevents environment from toxic waste and second advantage is it provides quality products at cheap price. Recycling starts with collection and for collection waste producers should take help of recycling companies.

Batteries Recycling

Every product has toxic element in it hence it should be recycled. Electronic waste, electric produce, dysfunctional batteries and everything produced in homes and factories must be recycled. Batteries recycling make used batteries new again. Recycled batteries work like new pieces and they come at affordable price. Similarly other recycled products are available at discounted price.

Oil Recycling

Recycling is done in plants equipped to handle hazardous waste products. It is a challenging job as a little mistake can release toxic elements from the products in environment. Special care is taken in oil recycling as most part of used oil is unsuitable for recycling. But with latest recycling technology, it is possible to recycle waste products completely.    



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    Few of our Recents Clients - 1. Tatabluescope Steel 2. Bestex MM India 3. Sakata Inxx 4. Federal Mogul
    5. Cachet Pharmaceuticals - 6. Indo Alusys 7. Caparo Fastners 8. Havells 9. P & G 10.Cords Cable 11. VCSIL & many more....
    Other Hazardous Waste Disposal. - M/s S. E. P. is also providing disposal facilities for:- 1. E-Waste 2. Batteries
    3. Oily Gloves & Contaminated Clothes. - 4. Bio-Medical Waste. 5. Used Oil. 6. Paint Sludge.