Now don't get worry about your Electronic Waste,
M/s S. E. P. is on your door to provide Techno-Legal Service for E- Waste.

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Environmental Consultancy and Monitoring

E-Waste comprises of wastes generated from used electronic devices and house hold appliances which are not fit for their original intended use and are destined for recovery, recycling or disposal, Such waste encompasses wide range of electrical and electronic devices such as computers, cellular phones, personal stereos including large house hold appliances.

Dangerous Elements in E-Waste.

Composition of E-Waste is very diverse and differs in product across different categories. Broadly, it consists of Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals, plastic, glass, printed circuit boards, rubber and other items. Ferrous and Non-ferrous composition of metals, plastic glass varies from E-Waste collected.

Challenge for Corporate

  • Blockage of Valuable Space.
  • Legal Liabilities as per the MOEF notification S.O.1035(E).
  • Social Responsibility towards the Environmental consultancy and monitoring.
  • Destructive of Sensitive Data Securely.
  • Data Wiping Services.
  • Dissembling Services.
  • Collection, Segration, Packing, & Dispatch Services.

Categories of E-Waste Covered Under MOEF notification S.O.1035(E) rules-Schedule 1.

Sr. No. Categories of electrical and electronic equipment
i. Information Technology and telecommunication equipment :
Centralized data processing.
Mainframes, Minicomputers
Personal Computing
Personal Computers (Central Processing Unit with input and output devices)
Laptop Computers (Central Processing Unit with input and output devices)
Notebook Computers
Notepad Computers
Printers including cartridge
Copying equipment
Electrical and Electronic typewriters
User terminals and systems
Pay telephones
Cordless telephones
Cellular telephones
Answering system
ii Consumer elecrical and electronics :
Television sets (including sets based on (Licquid Crystal Display and Light Emitting Diode Technology), Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioners excluding centralised air conditioning plants.)

    India gets first e-waste management rules - Putting the onus ...
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    5. Cachet Pharmaceuticals - 6. Indo Alusys 7. Caparo Fastners 8. Havells 9. P & G 10.Cords Cable 11. VCSIL & many more....
    Other Hazardous Waste Disposal. - M/s S. E. P. is also providing disposal facilities for:- 1. E-Waste 2. Batteries
    3. Oily Gloves & Contaminated Clothes. - 4. Bio-Medical Waste. 5. Used Oil. 6. Paint Sludge.